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Supplier Souvenir is a business enterprise engaged in Souvenir, supply Gifts & Souvenirs especially to support needs of merchandise both made ​​in the country (Local Products) as well as those imported from abroad (Import Products). Our products are guaranteed highly qualified and can be used both for purposes of promotion office accessories, maintains good relations with clients and other parties in a broader scope.

We have wide variety of products, ranging from finishing product to made by order (special order) products from the customer. We sell souvenir of office supplies such as agendas, letter openers, place cards, memo keeper, glass, gift sets, various of clock, flashlights, umbrellas, tool sets, pens, bags, hats, t-shirts and other promotional items.

In addition, Gift and Souvenir items can be customized to the needs, such as adding text, logos or other words either by using gravier or screen printing. We also provide special artistic packaging by order. Our Gifts and Souvenirs collection have multifunction uses and a model of latest technology.

Our mission is to provide exclusive and elegant promotional items with competitive prices and boost customer image.

We strongly believe that customer satisfaction is the starting point in our success. Therefore we are committed to continue providing good quality products with continuous product innovation.

For further information of our products, please click the icon on our available contact or contact us immediately for further questions.

Finally, happy browsing Souvenir Supplier website and we hope you to become our business partners.

Sincerely, Supplier Souvenir.com

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Souvenir as an effective means to advertise

Based on a survey conducted by the Advertising Specialties Institute (ASI), as a means of promotion souvenirs proved a much more effective and long-lasting in the minds of customers than advertising on television, radio and print media. In addition of course the necessary budget also lower than other media.

Souvenir is right for your company promotion

When deciding to choose a souvenir as a tool to support marketing activities, many companies are confused in determining the appropriate item. When faced with so many choices of souvenir items make sure that you choose items that are effective for your business, not the most popular item or just a personal choice.


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